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(New) Rapper Name!!!

Austin Raney Has Now Officially Changed His Stage Name/ Rapper Name To:

(MC Slaughter) " I Think The Name Is Pretty Dope, Cuss I Murder M.C.'s With My Lyrics, And I Take Out Completion And Also, No one Has The Name Yet, There Are So Many Rappers, All The Good Names Seemed To Be Taken, My Friends Think It's Dope So Yea." Austin Said About Name Change. Some " People Said The Name Sounds Childish, But For Real What About Slaughter Is Childish, Stop Hating and If Your Not A Rapper Think Twice Before Trying to Correct Me. On The New Albums MC Slaughter Is The Official New Name Till I Come Of With Something More Childish, Like Murder of the Soul, Or Brain Masher Lol." Austin Said About The Reaction Of Some Fans.


Austin Raney Ent Has Officially Changed It's Name To (King Skull Records), and Has Added 2 New Artist, Lil Jace, and Juicy Jake Their Music Coming Soon. All MC Slaughter a.k.a. Austin Raney Music Releases Will Be Held of Till The Year 2014, If you Have Any Questions, Or Comments, Please Leave your Name and Message in The Contact Commons, and We Will Send You A Reply Or A Answer ASAP. Further More, MC Slaughter Would Like To Announce that We Now Can Offer Promotion for YouTube Video's, and We Now Do Graphic Design, for Artist, Business or church Flyers, We Edit your picture to put on Logo's, and/or Make your Picture Look More Clear, and Professional. Please See STORE Commons for Prices.

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